Wednesday, 5 June 2013

what a tiring day!a new semester will begin soon.anxiety start.Anyone?need advise and support

The semester break will end soon and new semester will begin next week..Ahh,i am so lazy  to going back to my campus.Today is most tiring day ever,after 2 month on semester break i visit to my campus for a while.My purpose to going there is to get an entry pass for my vehicle to enter the campus area and also to visit my new rental house.I didn't know why,my feelings start to changed when i entered my campus area.Something that i cant described and so subjective.Maybe i am not fully prepared to enter the new semester.Last semester is the most worse semester ever,i always develop panic attacks,i cant adapt with stress,i really cant handle with it..ahh.People call me as a careless person .My cgpa also drop .Then when the holiday begin,i fell quite happy.No more classes,no more assesment,no more test and others..Ahh .The feelings are so ,i cant describe it.So,as mention before ,i had gone for a psychotherapy session and also meet a psychatrist and my condition  since past 2 month is quite good.I am feeling so happy now.But i quite afraid then anxiety,panic will attack me again when the semester open soon..My biggest hope is that the medicine that doctor prescribed me will reduce my anxiety and fear levels..Amin.I didn't know why.This feelings always came to me when the new semester will coming.I hope also this semester will better than the past.I want to start a new lifestyle,think positive.I will try and try and try.I would not stop from trying.ever.My journey is still far away and i am still young..I know i must face all this challange .Ok thats all,i hope somebody will give support and advise to me.Its almost 1.00 am in my places and bye.till we meet again in my next post and also thanks for mental health bloglist for listng my blog in their sites.I feel so happy to hear that...Take care people.This life is ours.enjoy your day.

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  1. Hi there, would like to share some experience and gain some insights into this disorder. Would you like to exchange email or facebook ?